UFC 125 should a lot of information on the future

 The main event was the best most technical back and forth fight I have ever seen.  Maynard and Edgar both looked like world class champs in that fight, great boxing, endurance and well rounded skills. Also it showed unfortunately that veterans should not be in the UFC anymore.  Lebens hands are to slow and he is to open he is just not UFC main event material, his name off the ultimate fighter holds him, he only can beat guys that are on their way out of the UFC.  I think Leben is just not good enough to be in the UFC, he does not look world class, although he is tough as nails.  Vera has no strength is just too physically weak at 205 his only chance to be relevant is to muscle up, he is to lean at 205, he needs to get to 245 and muscle up to be powerful. Vera just does not seem to push to get into good enough physical shape, he has gotten overpowered in his last two fights.  Gomi is just to one dimesional in his only chance to win is a bomb, he gases easily and doesn't belong in the UFC. The New york bad ass baroni probably would get beat in a regional show he will never fight in the UFC again, although he is a great guy he is just not UFC guy. Thiago looked astonoshing powerful, looks like he has been taking serious training, I think he could be the champ as long as he doesn't get caught on his feet


"UFC 125 should a lot of information on the future"

"his name off the undercard holds him"

"he is to lean at 205"

"Thiago looked astonoshing powerful looks"

What the fuck are you talking about?

 Is it me... Or is thread title FUBAR

 yeah no doubt my writing sucked on this one and cannot edit, should be showed

 fixed some of it, I just think we are seeing world class guys taking out guys that are not

RickStorm -  Is it me... Or is thread title FUBAR

10ers gonna 10