UFC 125 thoughts

This card was ok. Lots of fun. Other than the LW title fight though the card shifted nothing into clearer position. At least in my opinion.

 I'm going to talk about it in the next few posts so if you did not see it yet...


 First up.

Antonio McKee vs Jacob Volkman

I have no idea where to go with this. Mckee's crack at the big time and he whines and cries so much about being ignored yet he did not shine in any way shape or form here. He could have made a huge statement but he couldn't do it against Volkmann, he's not going to do it vs Maynard or Edgar.

McKee says he'll be in title contention but this did nothing for him. Volkmann is not a contender for the title and McKee doesn't look like it after this fight either.

 Daniel Roberts vs Greg Soto

Nice fight. However, neither of these guys is going to challenge anyone at 170 so it's going to stay a nice fight. Fun to watch, nice sub. Great for any card.

 Mike Brown vs Diego Nunes.

I love to see these 145 fights. This one was fun to watch. Brown's a champ and I love his grinding style. Again, fun fight, not sure about the decision for Nunes but I won't complain.

What does this do for 145 for either guy? Nada but it was a good card filler.

 Brad Tavares vs Phil Baroni.

Phil. Oh Phil. Once a mighty hammer, he was given his own "Dave Menne" style finish. Phil is gassed the moment he walks into the arena I think.

Nice exciting finish but card filler. I am not sure I want to see Baroni fight anymore.

Dustin Poirier vs Josh Grispi.

There had been talk of Grispi being a challenger for Aldo. After this fight I am sure that Grispi would just be a beating on the stick of Aldo. Although Grispi has great ground, Aldo is bettter imo. The problem is that Aldo is far and away the better striker too.

Poirier looks great standing but again, Aldo is better and if it went to the ground Aldo would tie Dustin up and salt him like a pretzel.

Nice fight. Neither guy is a threat for the champ Aldo though.

 Jeremy Stephans vs Marcus Davis

Thes guys are frickin' huge at 155. Both of them. A good fight, great ending and you have to wonder how many times Marcus Davis can go out like that and keep fighting.

Are either of these guys a threat at 155? No. But fun to watch and a great addition to a card.

 Clay Guida vs Tak Gomi

Gomi, seriously, wtf? Good for Clay to pull out a nice sub win, but this really made me think that Gomi isn't going to be doing much at 155 in the future for the title.

 Nate Diaz and Dong Kim.

Sure Diaz is fun to watch. Sure Kim is doing his thing. Neither is going to challenge GSP so Kim calling GSP out after his fight made me think, "I need a sammywhich."

 Thiago Silva vs Brandon Vera.

This fight showed that Silva is tough and can be fun to watch but neither guy is a threat at 205 imo. Of course, Silva might be considered for an interm shot at the belt but I won't hold my breath in excitment.

Brian Stann vs Chris Leban.

2 gatekeepers for the 185 division imo. Good fight. Always fun to watch. Anderson Silva might murder them both. At the same time.

 Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard

Wow, I really liked this fight. Back and forth. Both guys could fight again and again and it would always be so damn close that you would not be aware who would win. A great ending for a card.

Where does this put either guy in regards to the LW belt? I have no clue. Like I said, these guys could fight for the title until the end of time and I cannot see who would ever hold the belt from the other for long.

Maybe find them both someone to fight and then let them fight each other again. The re-match has got to happen. A great fight and the only real fight on the card that put anything clearer for a title. The problem is, you're just not sure who it's clear for.

 So over all I liked this card. Fun fights, great subs and KO's. Just not a card that solves anything with the exception that a LW re-match is coming.