UFC 125 Weigh In Pics!

Nate and Dong's face off got a tiny bit heated and Dana had to step in. Stann and Leben had a weird hand shake/push thing after their staredown. Who do you guys have on these fights? And isn't it great there's 8 of them airing?

Frankie or Gray?
Stann or Leben?
Diaz or Kim?
Guida or Gomi?

Click the photo or link below to view the pics!


Thanks for the pics. A lot of people are ripping this card but I am excited for this event; a lot of good fights on here.

 Thanks Tracy as always.  Have a good New Year too.

  Baroni put on a show at the weigh ins.  LOL

Frank looks so small but that dude can bring it.

Arianny all day. Brittney has nothing on her!


"You're gonna bitch slap who? Back to where?"

Brittney is a goddess! Want MOAR! Phone Post

Yeah~!! Brittney just made red my favorite color.. lol

Frankie - UD

Leben - TKO

Diaz - not sure

Guida - cardio

Thanks Tracy

Marcus Davis looks like he's near death!

Girls were looking fine.

Cant tell if Gomi looks in shape or not.

Davis looks depleted

Good to see Baroni still hitting a Most-Muscular

Edgar even with the supposed extra weight looks like a 145er.

Diaz Kim fight im liking more and more the closer it gets

Leben looks leaner than normal.


LOL, the pic of Gomi weighing in is great!!

The look on Joe's face, the look on the ring girl's face, the hand covering the junk of the guy in back and Gomi in general.

i love toes.

Frankie is gonna jab and dance to a win.

Leben and Stann - don't really care. Should be a prelim, but Stann by UD.

Diaz - I used to train at Ralph's place, who used to work with Cesar. I guess that tenuous connection makes me root for Nate. Besides, I seen both Diaz bros. at SF events and they are cool with fans.

Guida's gonna wrestle-fuck that dude all night.

I know Rogan will probably go on about how "great Davis looks at this weight" like he does for anyone that ever cuts down, but he looks BAD to me. Maybe if he had always fought at this weight he would just seem "normal" but I don't know, he looks bad to me.

Brittney is just amazing. She is gorgeous.

Im sorry but Brittney make Ari whats her face look like trash she has the better body better face just all around better looking.

@redneck - why would you apologize for speaking the truth?

The real question is, who here has underrated BJJ, and who has K-1 level striking?

Phil Baroni looks FANTASTIC!!


new ring girl is hot