UFC 125 weigh-ins live (5:00 PM EST)

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                                UFC 125 weigh-ins live (4:00 PM EST)

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The UFC 125: Edgar vs. Maynard weigh-ins stream live on on MixedMartialArts.com, Friday at 4 p.m. ET, courtesy of UFC.com.

UFC Lightweight Title Fight
Frankie Edgar () vs. Gray Maynard ()

Televised PPV Card
Chris Leben () vs. Brian Stann ()
Brandon Vera () vs. Thiago Silva ()
Nate Diaz () vs. Dong Hyun Kim ()
Clay Guida () vs. Takanori Gomi ()

ION TV Televised Prelims

Marcus Davis () vs. Jeremy Stephens ()
Josh Grispi () vs. Dustin Poirier ()
Phil Baroni () vs. Brad Tavares ()

Untelevised Preliminary Card

Mike Brown () vs. Diego Nunes ()
Daniel Roberts () vs. Greg Soto ()
Jacob Volkmann () vs. Antonio McKee ()


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Clever .

I hope that was sarcasm - Those are some great fighters and some pretty awesome match-ups.

lol 55$ for this card....dream is putting them to shame....and for free.

I hope the korean zombie beats up that punk nate diaz

this is a weak ass card for NYE.

UFC just always has to water down shit.

but it will be worth it just for gomi vs. guida

I must be mental to me this is one of the better cards of any of the recent ones Phone Post

diaz/kim and gomi/guida are the only two fights worth watching. stann being in the co-main event is just laughable and vera/silva was only moved up to the main card because aldo got injured. weak card for new years.


EVILYOSHIDA - this is a weak ass card for NYE.

UFC just always has to water down shit.

but it will be worth it just for gomi vs. guida

 disagree...what intests me and makes main event more intriguing...from my perspective...numbers odds  wise...my thoughts quotes  below...

"I opened the first number on this bout  on  9-1-2010, with Gray Maynard as  a -125 betting favorite just days after Edgar beat Penn convincinly and Gray beat beat Kenny Florian on the same card. Both guys wins were still fresh in players minds. The very first action came in on Frankie, but not enough to cause the line to move.   Basically a pickem. Oddly enough, both Frankie and Gray entered their UFC 118 bouts that night as underdogs and left with a title bout on deck. The bout odds have gradually increased and Gray has been bet up as high as a -160 favorite in the rematch. Gray is around -145 on average now."

"Frankie Edgar opened -160 actually closed higher than a 2 1/2 to 1 betting favorite that night he lost to Maynard at Ultimate Fight Night 13 in April 2008.


It shows how far both fighters havecome from undercard status to main event championship status on New Years Day along with the public percepetion of both fighters. "

"Frankie Edgar is absolutely worthy of being a champion. 13-1 with two wins over BJ Penn and a win over 35 career win Sean Sherk. 


MMA Math is usually a recipe for losing when betting , but when you group Edgar with the guys that beat Sherk and Penn and all of the sudden Edgar jumps off the page as a world beater."

Besides the main event, many fights I'm interested in like Diaz-Kim, Vera-Silva, Gomi-Guida.

 Weak ass card.

Power Clean - I hope the korean zombie beats up that punk nate diaz

What? lol

Power Clean - I hope the stun gun beats up that punk nate diaz


this looks like it going to be a good card, its amazing how quick people jump to saying its going to be weak. there are alot of exciting fighters on this card. and to be honest the only fight i see (on the main card ) going the distance is the main the event... i cant beleive phil baroni is still fighting....