UFC 126 press conference (4:00 PM)

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                                UFC 126 press conference (4:00 PM)

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                    <p>The Underground presents the UFC&nbsp;126 pre-fight press conference video stream, courtesy of the UFC. The press conference will begin at 4:00 PM&nbsp;EST&nbsp;and will run for approxiametely 30 minutes.</p>

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wow thnx for the reminder`!!

wow thnx for the reminder`!!


 I'm at work...so I really have to install that shit to make it work??? WTF?   I can't here.

anderson looks like a badass mofo

 Did you have to instal Microsoft Silverlight?

 Fuck MS.  this sucks

my god some of these latin women are fine

Anderson The Pimp Silva

where did they get the translator...remedial school...just let soares make some stuff up

this translating is getting reduculous! why is Ed Soares not sitting up next to Silva?

looks like the UFC hired some guru that cannot even understand!

LOL at the interpreter.

That might be the shortest period of employment ever.

haha...Anderson said the best fight would be him fighting his clone...i like that...man is confident

 Damn im getting sick of hearing this in 2 languages

Press conference in pretty stale. Enough Portuguese!

Vitor is an awesome dude...I hope he wins, but I wont put money on it

Hellooooooo Paola! Phone Post

We need

 These guys are goofs, let Ariel ask all the questions, and for god's sake please stop Vitor from another rant.