UFC 129 Fan Expo DAY 1 Photos are up!

Day 1 at the UFC 129 Fan Expo was insane! So many vendors, so many fighters, and so many fans! We weren't able to get through the entire thing!! We expect to see complete pandemonium today! Booths include UFC, Xyience, Round 5, Fight Dentists, FORM Athletics,HD Net, and more!

CLick the link or photo to view all of the pics!



I'll pass unless you want to post a few of the good ones here.

TTT Phone Post

 Great pictures Tracy!!

Looks like fun times


 The chick on the left looks reminds me of Rachelle Leah 

 I was gonna post something sarcastic but lost my train of thought .......


oops heres more:


 RARA was supposed to be there promoting some app I believe. 

she was there with me all week!