UFC 129: The catch 22

So UFC 129 is going to be pretty epic, as it sounds like GSP will compete in, quite possibly, his last weleterweight fight of his career. Additionally Randy may be competing his last MMA fight of his career (just guessing here). Those are two pretty decent pieces of history to see live.
That being said, i truly don't expect either of their matchups to be all that competitive/exciting. I hope i'm wrong.

I guess the question is would you rather watch these 2 fights live, or other matchups which may be less historic but guaranteed to be exciting, such as Dos Santos vs Cain, or i guess Vitor vs Silva...

GSP is going to destroy Jake.

And are you one of the idiots predicting Maynard vs Edgar was going to suck?


I agree that GSP will destroy him, which was my point about it not being competitive. And I made no predictions about the Edgar fight...
Thanks for stopping by to drop some intelligence on the thread.

I'd rather watch Cain vs. JDS, but that won't be happening soon :(