UFC 130 Only Drew 7,470 Paid Attendees

UFC 130 Draws 7,470 Paid Fans, Gate of Almost $2.6 Million

UFC 130 drew 7,470 paying customers for a $2,577,250 gate, the Nevada state athletic commission divulged today.

While the attendance for the May 28 event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena was announced as 12,816 on the night of the show, NSAC numbers show the official number was actually 12,753, with 7,470 tickets sold, and another 5,283 given away. Over 1,000 available tickets went unused.

as to who was on that card . . . I'm drawing a blank.

wait, it was Rampage. Who did he fight? The cards are just blending together.

 good...cards starting to get too diluted...need to stack em

That's an average of $345 per ticket? There were 7470 morons who needed to waste money there!

can't say that I am surprized. Not a solid line-up, and to be honest there are just two many UFC shows. As a fan I am not complaining, but you can't expect to sell 12,000 tickets 8 times a year in Vegas.

goku -  good...cards starting to get too diluted...need to stack em

 yeah that and vegas gets probably 20% of the shows

Reem v doom sf card was almost the same attendance wasn't it? Phone Post

It wasn't a big card !

Good result considering it wasnt a big card by any means.<br /><br />Compare a low end card like that to a "stacked" card from Strikeforce and you will see the difference in brand power.
<br /><br />...and location.