UFC 132 finally an event lives up to the hype

That whole card was solid as hell, one of the best events I've ever seen

That whole card was solid as hell, one of the best events I've ever seen

other than simpson's hump fest, it was one of the better cards this year.

I loved the last fight!

Great show.

funny how every event the past 3 months has been the best ever I went with 129 myself.

Actually I cant recall the last time I enjoyed a ufc this much, i usually find them lackluster because ufc oversaturates with so many shows.

Drunkie - it was a great card especially the last fight. last fight was awesome


Wiman Siver was way more meh then the title fight. And GSP Shields was a great card too.

Best card in months.

129 sucked. Overhyped GSP in Canada.

130 sucked. Rampage-Hamill

131 sucked. Carwin-JDS was one sided beating.

132? Had EVERYTHING. Great knockouts, Tito's big win, Wandy's last stand, Faber's decision to lose ten more pounds.

Great night.

Davis vs Evans won't set world on fire and Silva-Okami isn't amazing so it might be a while until we get this again. Phone Post

lol 129 did not suck besides the main event

Go back and watch 129 again. Focus on the whole card that card very easily holds its own against this one. If you watch a card just based on the main events you will miss some awesome fights.

129 was awesome except for GSP's fight. He killed the momentum but the event up to that point was incredible....

 sadly a few of the wrong guys won, ruining my enjoyment

Drunkie - it was a great card till the last fight. last fight was boring

Compared to the rest of the card it was, but it was still fairly exciting. It did win fotn iirc Phone Post

129 was a fucking barnburner of a card, even WITH the shitty main event.

132 was outstanding all-around except for Huggy Simpson's fight on Facebook. And make no mistake, Cruz-Faber was an interesting fight, 3 knockdowns for Faber, great scrambles when it hit the canvas and Cruz's speed with his strikes; very high-level.

 I order the PPV at the last minute & enjoyed every bit of it

129 was better in my opinion. Both were outstanding cards though. Phone Post