UFC 134 Betting Advice Article

Things have changed since the last time UFC visited Brazil. At “UFC: Ultimate Brazil” in 1998, the company was relying on emerging fighters who have yet to see their full potential like Wanderlei Silva, Pedro Rizzo and Vitor Belfort to sell tickets. This time around, things are a lot different. UFC solidified itself as a mainstream sport and now their fighters are getting mainstream attention. Guys like Anderson Silva and Shogun Rua can’t walk down the street in America OR Brazil without getting mobbed by fans.

Unfortunately what that also means is that the bookies (people who decide sports odds) have been paying more attention to mixed martial arts and it’s a lot harder to find a good bet. Join Jon Kirschner as he walks you through the fights that will get you the most bang for your buck in this month’s “Bettor Breakdown”!

Quick Pick: Dan Miller (+225 Underdog) vs. Rousimar Palhares (-285 Favorite)
Bet on Dan Miller defeating Rousimar Palhares (Bet $10 to win $22.50)

This is the first bout on the Spike TV prelims and there’s nothing more that can get your blood pumping than a little betting early on in the night. Dan Miller as a bottom dog against Rousimar Palhares should catch your eye because while Palhares is a submission specialist, Miller has never been submitted in his career. If there’s anyone who can cancel out a jiu-jitsu ace like Palhares, it’s a fighter with a good wrestling base and a healthy knowledge of jiu-jitsu like Dan Miller. Start off the night with a small bet like $5 or $10; you don’t want to cry because you lost a lot of money before the PPV even starts.



Sorry if this is shilling but I see people sharing their articles on here a lot. I know a lot of people are kooked up in their house with this hurricane rolling through the east coast so hopefully this will keep people entertained for a bit. Feel free to criticize my gambling picks and share your own! Stay safe and enjoy the event tonight!