UFC 137 Penn vs. Condit trailer

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                                UFC 137 Penn vs. Condit trailer

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Already made a thread about this! WAR BJ anyway :-)


 wow that got me pumped!  One of the most exciting and anticipated matchups in a while!!

Can't wait for this, could be FOTY easily! 

Love both fighters, should be a war

UFC should hire this guy, he has some amazing talent for these pre-fight videos.

Awesome video! Two great fighters, I see Condit pushing the pace and winning this one.

I wish the UFC would just sack up and hire NicktheFace.

For 1 guy he is 100 times more talented than the UFC production staff

they should hire or at least pay him for every highlight they use, i know they own the video rights but he obviously puts in a lot of work and deserves some compensation imo.

Epic fight. This should be the main event and the latest GSP wrestlefuck/jab and jog title defense should be the opener.

It'd be sweet if this guy lands a job at Zuffa. Has some serious talent.

 Outstanding promo!  This guy just does this for free?  When I first started watching it I thought it was a UFC promo, but I realized it was way to good.  This guy should seriously be hired by zuffa, imo.

Great trailer. I would love to see Nick get a job at Zuffa. I ALWAYS go to his trailers to show people about fights.

Oh My Lanta... I am so pumped for this fight.


Awesome highlights, great trailor. 

NickTheFace FTW!!! Puts out some awesome videos and this one is no exception

Just watched his Edgar Maynard 3 trailer, it's his best one yet, gave me chills Phone Post

 baby j

Awesome trailer as always by Nick!!

2 of my favorite fighters of all time!! Don't know who I want to win but hope its a war!!

mma shill -  Just watched his Edgar Maynard 3 trailer, it's his best one yet, gave me chills Phone Post
Holy Shit! Gave me chills too!! Both these fights will be great!!


 This one is awesome TOO!!

Man this exciting. Became an instant fan of Condit the first time I seen him fight in the WEC. I think if there is anyone I would like to see dethrone GSP it is Condit. The guy goes out and finishes people. There is a reason why his nickname is the Natural Born Killer. Can't wait!