UFC 140 weigh in gallery

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                                UFC 140 weigh in gallery

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                    <p>The UFC&nbsp;140 weigh ins took place today at Toronto's Air Canada Centre, with all fighters making weight but Dennis Hallman who weighed 158.5 pounds, and has been fined a portion of his purse for failing to make the 156-pound limit.</p>





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 Now that`s what I call some up close damn good pictures.

Damn, I like that Lytle shirt!

Arianny looks skinny in that pic, too. Maybe it's just the angle or maybe she realized she just may have the eskimo fat gene?

 Sub 4 ltr

I too like the shirt. Where can I get me one of those?

 Wow... a lot of unwarranted boo's. I just don't understand the hate.