UFC 141 Free on Xbox Live!

I don't think anyone has posted this yet, but UFC on Xbox Live just launched today and I just ordered UFC 141 for free !

Same here. I hope it's legit.

It says on the dashboard it's a gift so I'm assuming it is.

Free seems too good to be true, legit?

I'll be gettng on that as soon as I get home. Phone Post

haha looks like you beat me by a min or 2. I just made a thread. Just ordered the HD stream.

Oh shit. I'm getting this too! Phone Post

Hell ya! Phone Post

Just got it too! Made my stinking Christmas! Phone Post

Good looking out, I just ordered. You guys better get in before the change it up lol.

Sub Phone Post

 shut up... jumping on the box now!!

 ah i won't be home for 2 hours. better still be available....

 signed up, is there a catch? free hd ppv? wtf?

Chris - ah i won't be home for 2 hours. better still be available....

ugh. 4 hrs for me.
fingers crossed... seems to good to be true.

Just downloaded the app. Yup, it's free in HD.

Very cool. Phone Post

For later Phone Post

Is this real life?

Just bought the HD stream for $0.00. Merry Christmas! Phone Post

Wouldn't let me choose HD :( said my Internet wasn't strong enough, which has never happened before. Anyone else get that problem? Phone Post

 middleasy has a contest giving three free XBL 141 ppv's away, why would they give 3 lucky people a free service... i signed up, wonder if its an error?