UFC 142 prelims to air on FX

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                                UFC 142 prelims to air on FX

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UFC will make its debut on FX on Jan. 14 when the network airs the UFC 142 prelims, a FUEL TV official confirmed with MMAFighting.com on Tuesday

FUEL TV, who shares the same parent company, FOX, as FX, will broadcast the majority of UFC prelim bouts in 2012, however, the UFC 142 undercard will air on the network's sister channel, FX.

FUEL TV will air the weigh-ins live and a post-fight show immediately following the event.

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 Selfishly speaking,I`m glad that they are on FX instead of Fuel tv. 

lets hope they get shown on FX in the uk, if not let them be on facebook or ufc.tv DFW !!

This is great news. I actually have FX as opposed to Fuel. Phone Post