UFC 144 Rampagezilla Poster For Sale! #4 of 25

Here it is... The Rare UFC 144 Rampagezilla poster. I'm making mine available for the right price. I really dont have any emotional attachment to it. My poster is number 4 out of 25. Here are pictures...


the coa signed by dana white:


ALSO have the following available: as mentioned in a previous post weeks ago...


Bellator 67 Signed Event Poster 100 shipped! Less than 20 exist!

GSP Signed Official UFC Boxing Glove 100 dollars shipped!

Strikeforce HWGP Semi Finals Signed by Card Poster 100 dollars plus shipping!

Rory Macdonald Signed Official UFC Glove 55 bucks shipped

Shogun signed UFC poster 45 dollars shipped!

UFC RIO 1 Signed by Card poster 300 dollars plus shipping!

UFC 143 GSP vs Diaz Unreleased Poster 165 shipped

Also, i have Jeff Monson's 3 XRays from Russia. They are from the broken leg that Fedor Emelianenko gave him in M1 Global in their fight last year. Very interesting and unique item. I might sell one or two of em for the right offer... They do have Russian writing on them!


PM me Offers on the Pagezilla Poster please

What shogun poster? Phone Post

This is the poster... I got it signed at the arnold last year in columbus. Would be an easy poster to add sigs to.