UFC 145: Bell Center, Montreal on March 24, 2012

Montreal have one of the biggest Arenas in North America. Any idea of a main event who can pack 23 000 people ?

GageIsLegend -  I bet they are pissed Gsp is hurt. He would have easily sold it out. Phone Post

 he wasn't headlining anyways. He was fighting February 4th and Gsp never fights on short notice.

Honestly I don't think anyone packs the arena. They have 0 title holders available to fight unless JDS makes a very quick recovery from his knee surgery. Even then Brock or Reem would have to fight in less than 3 months.

I think it's likely they get a card headlined by Hendo vs ???? with Shogun, Brian Stann, Lyoto Machida, Forrest, Tito, Maynard and on all likely to get looks. Basically they'll try to make it super deep to make up for the lack of a title fight.

 Rory is fighting Che Mills on that show

was at 97 at the bell. Doesnt matter who, they will sell it out... I have never seen more fights than after ufc 97... leaving the arena was a good 8-10 brawls...

I went to 113 and 124 in Montreal. Atmosphere is 100% different with GSP on the card. The arena was 75% full before the first fight started. There was one section in the 100 level that looked empty at 113, while not a seat to be had for 124. I plan on going to this one, and without GSP on the card I might not have to pay scalpers off stub hub for already over priced tickets.

The crowd at 124 was better than the crowd at 129. There was double the people at Toronto, but me, my dad and my best friend who went to both shows agree 124 was louder. Might have to do with the size of the stadium, but I lost my voice during 124, I could talk fine after 129.

There were some points where Toronto got pretty quiet, there was always people going apeshit at Montreal.

A lot more dope at the Toronto event though...