UFC 146 Primetime: JDS vs. Mir Episode. 1 (VIDEO)

Good episode of UFC Primetime tonight. Really showed how big of a hero JDS is in Brazil and how much fans look up to him there. I hope he can keep the belt for a long time!

Junior Dos Santos
"People think that it's going to be like revenge for us, this fight. That was a bad moment for 'Big Nog' and a good moment for Frank Mir. But what I want to do in my fight is I want to give the bad moment for him. I'm ready to fight five rounds, but it's not going to be by decision. I'm going to knock him out."

Frank Mir
"I'm extremely capable of taking his belt. If he underestimates me I'm very capable of ending the night very quickly. He's a pretty elite athlete, I don't think he wants one of his joints smashed."

"JDS is a young guy, if I catch him in a hold and he taps, he lives to fight another day. If I catch him in a hold and he decides not to tap, that limb is it ever going to be the same? I have enough of a history about me now that if you get locked in a hold of mine and you choose not to tap, that's something you've trained for for weeks coming up to it, you've watched my videos, you've studied me. If you make that mistake, then that's your fault, that's not mine. What is your life going to be like afterwords? And what is your career going to be like afterwards? I'm bigger and stronger. One wrong mistake and now he's in trouble and has to tap or deal with the consequences."


Later Phone Post

Later Phone Post

^^ ya that was intense. Couldn't believe he said that. I think cause it was subtitled people aren't making a very big deal out of it.

Great show

Liked how they showed Mir with family. Phone Post

A primetime for this? Really?