UFC 150 Fight Day. Saturday. 6:00 PM ET

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                                UFC 150 Fight Day. Saturday. 6:00 PM ET

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                    <p>Fight Day is back this Saturday, live from UFC 150 in Denver, Colorado.&nbsp; Host Dave Farra will guide you through the entire night's action with expert analysis from industry veterans John Morgan of MMAJunkie, Brett Okamoto of ESPN, and Mike Straka of Tapout Radio. Fight Day's Maggie Krol takes you behind the scenes for interviews with all the fighters on the main card. </p>

UFC 150 is headlined by a UFC lightweight title fight between champion Ben Henderson and former champion Frankie Edgar. The co-main event of the night is sure to produce fireworks as power strikers Donald Cerrone and Melvin Guillard lock horns. Don't miss Fight Day at 6pm ET/ 3pm PT.

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 where is Megan Olivi...................... this is BULLSHIT!

greenseed -  where is Megan Olivi...................... this is BULLSHIT!

  Megan doesn't work for Heavy anymore. I believe she took a jump with FoxSports.com