UFC 154 already at $3.1 million live gate

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                                UFC 154 already at $3.1 million live gate

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"We're still a week and a half out," White said today during a UFC 154 media call. "I heard rumblings about this gate not doing well and Georges St-Pierre not selling out (the event). We're at $3.1 million right now.

"I wouldn't say the gate sucks. The biggest gate you can do there is $4 million, which is what we did last time with Georges St-Pierre."

That event, UFC 124, saw St-Pierre shut out Josh Koscheck in the main event. The event drew 23,152 attendees for a $4.6 million gate, according to UFC officials. Tickets for the December 2010 blockbuster ranged from $75 to $600. For UFC 154, they were priced from approximately $90 to $625, which given the current economic climate, White admits may have been a tad high.

"Yeah, maybe we did overprice this one a bit much, but times are tough out there," he said. "We'll see what happens. As we get closer to the event, we'll see how it goes. But the gate, it's one of the top gates of the year with $3.1 million."

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Lots of tickets left.

Scalpers are starting to sell tickets slightly under ticket value, last year you could get $600 tickets for $375 the day of the event.

I'll be going, most of my MMA friends wont be. The problem is GSP hasnt fought in so long and people havent been talking about him, once he is a couple fights in and people see more of him I am sure it will turn around.

Either way I am thankful its here. I actually turned down my work's box seats as I will probably be buying a couple friends tickets for xmas since they are hurting.

People will bitch and cry about anything, I am looking forward to this event!

the primetime show will sell even more tickets.

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