UFC 155 Post Fight Limo Ride with Cain Velasquez


Come along and ride on this fantastic post-UFC 155 limo ride with Cain Velasquez

When I started watching the footage LayzieTheSavage caught of his post UFC 155 limo ride with the new heavyweight champion Cain Velazquez, I immediately heard the beat to Coolio's 'Fantastic Voyage' playing like background riding music in my brain. It's a fitting chill smooth relaxed beat, just like Velasquez appears to be everytime he's caught on camera. He just regained the UFC heavyweight championship belt after going full face destroying Tyrannosaurus Rex on Junior Dos Santos and then afterwards he just rolls along mellow and relaxed like it's just another day at the office. That's pretty cool. What's even cooler is our own LayzieTheSavage went along for the ride and shot a few random questions at the smiling newly gold strapped UFC heavyweight champ. Check it out:


Good get

Watching now, awesome stuff.

Watching now, awesome stuff.

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Great interview


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A lot of Ass kissing in the interview!

CREamed_by_DongJ - Look at Layzie get the scoops :D

nice work

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Cain is humble as pie, and damn I really need to make it to Vegas that whole drive was palm trees in the background, I should go lay 2,000 on Frankie next month it would make it a great trip Phone Post

KingYing - Watching now, awesome stuff.

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Man plenty of "cool story bro"
Mayweather knew more than a lot of UGers Phone Post

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KingYing - Watching now, awesome stuff.

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Nice interview. Enjoyed it.