UFC 155 weigh in body language



ref mccarthy said hes seen many guys backstge looking nervous and he knew they'd lose, and they did

MMA Monkey - Please do this again for the next UFC, so that I know who to NOT bet on

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I don't even need to see your body language to know u feeling a bit sheepish Phone Post

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but seriously, keep at it. you just need to fine tune your readings. For example, you can't always go by their demeanor at the scale and such because they may have had a rough weight cut. that don't mean they aren't totally prepared to be their best.

just stick to the actual stare down and see who's truly confident and who's only pretending.

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I would say your completly right about body language being important and showing a fighters mindset off at weigh ins. However i would also say you are horrible at reading it lol. Body language is the movements u make n how u are acting, not how ripped or flabby your looking

I like this part:

"But it doesn't diminish my theory that pre fight body language is crucial in determining the outcome of a fight. How can I say that when my analysis proved incorrect? Because like I said concerning Leben: veteran fighters are the hordes to read."

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Wait nm you called Brunson to win but by KO so it's just as bad as predicting the wrong fighter



Not  to mention the ratrional you explain for each prediction is so far off and wrong you should consider a comedy series based around this absolutely idiotic method of calling fights

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Well hey, at least I'm man enough to come back and admit where I was wrong. Thanks for the feedback, some really good points here. eyelasher, I completely agree. Cain putting his fist in JDS' face was a huge body language flag.

dana stern you are also money on your points, at the weighins, a fighter might be physically beat from cutting weight and his demeanor would not necessarily indicate victory or defeat, and santino is correct also. I am sure everyone in this post has predicted victory after seeing a fighter at weighin and been very wrong.

But I bet any amount of money if you asked Dana how many times he has looked at both fighters at the face off and knew exactly who would freeze in the octagon and lose, you'd be surprised.

and wasa-B, thank you very much. It is indeed a lot of fun to speculate!

and all the other positive feedback, even the insults. Hey, this is the UG. To come on and make a post this bold and only suffer a few slings and arrows, when we all know people get annihilated for far lesser posts, well I feel somewhat like jumping into the lions den and coming out fairly unscathed.

I will get better in this analysis.

Pre Fight body language will one day gain the respect it deserves!!

"Well hey, at least I'm man enough to come back and admit where I was wrong. "

you mean "Well hey, at least I'm man enough to come back and admit that I was completely wrong."

Other than that, you can continue.....

Eyelasher - You didn't take Cain's mirroring of JDS' stance as an assertion of confidence?...
Cain appeared unfazed and quite determined in the staredown, while JDS was seemingly clenched with more visible tension than I expected...

He also said in the interview with Ariel right after the weigh-ins that his mentality is "if you put a fist to my face I'm going to do it right back to you".


I think the walkout is more telling than the faceoff at the weigh ins