UFC 166 to replay on FS1 this week???

My brother in law swears the main card is to be replayed this Thursday on fox or FS1 but I can't find a damn thing about it. Does anybody know what the hell he's talking about??? Phone Post 3.0

In for answers. That would be awesome. Jones vs Gustafsson main card was just on FS1 last Thursday night.

Dana said it won't. The ufc 165 replay was pretty much 1 time deal. So not sure where your brother got that.

I figured. I had to corner a guy Saturday night so I haven't even seen it yet! I may just pay for the replay, I mean, people are saying it was the best card ever :-/ Phone Post 3.0

PRobably confusing 165. College Football is on Thurs.  Plus they would never air it a week after.  Said 165 was a one time thing cause Fox wanted it and they asked the PPV providers if they can air it since he said they have it in their deal they cant air it that soon.

Not sure how true that is or why they would have that deal when boxing airs it a week after.  Maybe they cut a different deal with PPV companies and the PPV carriers get less cause they dont replay the events on tv.