UFC 17 poster $$$$$$$ ufc brazil

will pay the right price for ufc 17 poster as well as ANYTHING from ufc brazil and ufc japans. email me and lets talk dollars and cents. send me pictures if possible along with size, condition and description. thanx yall!

will also buy laminated passes, posters, programs, etc.



I can have my 2 yr old make you one for the right price. She is really good at drawings.

I'd love to have a poster from #17,had a shirt,donated it for Thor,glad I did,but I'd love t find another one-that was the only UFC I've attended,it was great!

i have a ufc t-shirt(white one) from that show and a fighter pass. i know someone who also has a shirt(black one). i have almost ALL ufc posters. missing ufc 17, 23, and 25.







I had a shirt from UFC Brasil but I gave it away because I felt it was cheesy looking

no ufc 17 posters out there?

I used to collect posters, but you drove up the market for them
and they no longer are affordable to the average student. lol.

now I collect vicariously through yumaslim.


jumpkick has collected the corrected



check ebay

never seen a ufc 17 poster before? dont even know what it looks like? anyone know?????

yumaslim, check out this link....


dog- thanx for the help. the posters are never whats on the box though. do you know anyone who has older posters/passes? i posted this thread to try to find anyone with an old 17 poster. i have all of them except ufc 17, 23, and 25 so far.