UFC 182 screaming banshee?

Last night during the main event around the 3rd or 4th round maybe? There was a screaming banshee. I've heard this creature before but I can't place which events. Has anyone been able to get a picture of the beast? Phone Post 3.0

The Banshee prep point!

She was fuckin irritating Phone Post 3.0

I thought it was Malki. Phone Post 3.0

Rashads wife is known to have ruined a few fights with the screaming. Not sure if she was there or not. Phone Post 3.0

Ha didn't even notice any banshee

She was a black lady with glasses standing next to a black guy. Bitch was rude. When i rewatched the fight you could see people trying to see past her while she stood a screamed. Phone Post 3.0