UFC 189 had awesome fights but

It just seems like the organization took a turn for the worst. The one thing I love about the sport is that it's a showcase of individual achievement in its purest form.

Granted their has been a slow build up to this, but with the Reebok deal, the UFC has truly put the brand over the fighter. Not just in dollar signs, which is inexcusable, but also in individualism. No more sponsored fight gear and walk out shirts. No more banners. Seeing everyone in a "uniform" looked like they were out there fighting for "the man" rather than their sponsors, their gyms, or themselves. It just felt "off".

The (possibly scripted) scuffle between Faber and Conor, and Conor's police escort seemed more WWE than UFC.

The Fetita celebration with Conor backstage is pretty telling also. They put so much money and support behind their prized ponies yet everyone that night fought their hearts out. I'd be pissed if I was Robbie and Rory, who had a championship level fight that should have been the main event.

The fighters delivered for sure. Sucks that I have to give the UFC money to watch them fight. Phone Post 3.0