UFC 193 live press conference in 5 mins.

That's what fight pass says anyways. Just giving everyone a heads up if you wanna watch it. Phone Post 3.0

Haha...good to know.! Phone Post 3.0

Presser at 2am?

easedel - Presser at 2am?
It says the stream will began shortly... Phone Post 3.0

What is this nonsense Phone Post 3.0

In? Phone Post 3.0

Its on at 2am est. because its in Australialand.

I really like that show Submission Radio. That is an underrated source of great MMA interviews.

Just started...

Anyone got the link ? Phone Post 3.0

Robbie ruthlessly breaks faces - Anyone got the link ? Phone Post 3.0


Live now. Phone Post 3.0

this is quite the unique presser.... all ladies....

This is a first, congrats WMMA world.

Aaaannnnd stream is experiencing technical difficulties. Phone Post 3.0

Aaaaaand the streams down..

Wood bone Holly Phone Post 3.0

Typical UFC Phone Post 3.0

well that was fun while it lasted

I don't think it's coming back on. Well it was fun while it lasted. Phone Post 3.0

I would assume New Australialand is a very nice place since it is new, America is old, that is why it has a low quality of life IMO.

Well this is bs. Anyone know what's happening? Phone Post 3.0