UFC 195: Carlos Condit Workout Media Scrum



Class fighter. My favorite at 170.

Looking forward to a great fight, as both these guys bring the aggression. Phone Post 3.0



From the open workout, goddamn Carlos' elbow combos look sweet. Don't forget he just broke Alves' face with a beautiful elbow.

Fuck, can't remember the last time I was this excited for a fight.

For GSP not being dangerous or as... it's amazing how how quickly it took GSP to batter his ass up,, and fortunately for Condit round 1 ended when it did... Aside from Condit's kick he had zero for GSP on the feet, and the mistake GSP made was taking Condit down when he could have poured it on more at times, and really battered Condit on the feet.... Of course this was all when Condit was sitting on an interirm title for over a year refusing to fight anyone, just preping for GSP the entire time while GSP was recovering from ACL reconstruction... Part of me wants to like Condit, but there is a certain delusional level to him that I understand, but often disagree with.