Ufc 196 gets Big rig/Wonderboy, Nelson/Rosholt

thaVANILLA Gorilla -
If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much -
jellyonalady - They are puttin Big Country in to get rid of rosholt. Phone Post 3.0
Rosholt isn't holding Nelson down without Nelson getting the sub. So rosholt is fucked on the ground and standing Phone Post 3.0
I know how capable Nelson is in the ground, but when was the last time time you seen Roy even come close to an attempted sub? Phone Post 3.0
This. Phone Post 3.0

Non N00B -
QTyp - Damn, that is a big step up for Wonderboy. Didn't Dana say he was going to make Johny fight 185 next for missing weight? With the UFC loving rematches, I'm honestly still surprised Hendricks didn't get his after going 1-1 with Lawler.

Yea, WTF happened to the "he's gotta go to 185" bullshit?
This is not the first time DFW has flip-flopped on an issue.

Changes his mind more than a teenager on Adderall Phone Post 3.0

FrankieFistedMyBrowneye - Hendricks Vs Thompson is an exciting matchup. Wonderboy has a chance to take it, and it would be awesome to see him gain some hype by taking out a former champ.