UFC 196: Post-fight Press Conference

Waiting up for it. Phone Post 3.0

Starting, I think. A commercial just came on.

We arrrre liiiive Phone Post 3.0


it doesn't freeze

Holly cried a lot.

Is nate there? Phone Post 3.0

nate just came

Lol Miesha said its a red boxer brief night for Bryan!

Dr Drayman - Is nate there? Phone Post 3.0
Just stepped in Phone Post 3.0

The media is so fucked always trying to stir shit. Phone Post 3.0

"He's a hard-hitting little guy"


They try to be respectful, then the media try everything to fuck that up, by asking disrespectul questions. Phone Post 3.0

If Conor mentions energy efficiency one more goddamned time, I might buy a new refrigerator.

From Stockton.

Camera pans right

Nate is texting Phone Post 3.0

Lol, Nate's got his phone out in front of his face, texting.

"Straight fat boy off the beach in Cabo"

Nate is on fire tonight!

"Yo... Yo, yo!... Jon Anik better get a motherfuckin 209 tattoo or I'm gonna whip his little ass."

Best post-fight closer, ever!