UFC 199 an all-time high for Reebok pay

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                                UFC 199 an all-time high for Reebok pay

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                    <p>When the UFC finalized the terms of its Reebok deal with the athletes, it was decided that fighters would be paid based on tenure. Here are the numbers for UFC 199:</p>

Michael Bisping: $30,000
def. Luke Rockhold: $40,000

Dominick Cruz: $40,000
def. Urijah Faber: $30,000

Max Holloway: $10,000
def. Ricardo Lamas: $15,000

Dan Henderson: $15,000
def. Hector Lombard: $5,000

Dustin Poirier: $15,000
def. Bobby Green: $10,000

Brian Ortega: $2,500
def. Clay Guida: $20,000

Beneil Dariush: $5,000
def. James Vick: $5,000

Jessica Andrade: $5,000
def. Jessica Penne: $2,500

Alex Caceres: $10,000
def. Cole Miller: $15,000

Sean Strickland: $5,000
def. Tom Breese: $2,500

Luis Henrique da Silva: $2,500
def. Jonathan Wilson: $2,500

Kevin Casey: $2,500
fought to a split draw vs. Elvis Mutapcic: $2,500

Polo Reyes: $2,500
def. ”Maestro” Dong Hyun Kim: $2,500

source: mmajunkie.com

Overall, athletes at UFC 199 received $297,500 in sponsorship revenue from Reebok. The figure represents the most monies received by athletes at an event, but that is just result of which athletes fought on the card and their tenure.

The amount each athlete is paid is based on their tenure with the organization:

1-5 bouts get $2,500
6-10 bouts get $5,000
11-15 bouts get $10,000
16-20 bouts get $15,000
21 bouts + get $20,000
Champions get $40,000; title challengers get $30,000

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LMAO nice coverage Phone Post 3.0

Hollaway has won 9 straight fights and could fight for the title next but only gets 10k in sponsorship money smh this rebook deal is wonderful for the fighters i guarantee none of them are complaining. Phone Post 3.0

These numbers are a fucking joke Phone Post 3.0

How can a sport that is progressing so we'll have such a god awful sponsorship deal for their fighters.

It's completely embarrassing and stupid Phone Post 3.0

Lolololololol Phone Post 3.0

The highest Reebok payouts yet!!


9 fighters got 2,500

Hector Lombard fought Dan Henderson on the best PPV of the year and got 5k 


Guys like Hendo, Faber and Bisping are losing ridiculous amounts, its such a shame Zuffa decided to get even more greedy

Sad Phone Post 3.0

All time high people! Phone Post 3.0

And reebok still can't afford to get a pair of shorts that the BW title contender can fit into.

Fabers ass spent more time exposed than his td defence.

"House burns to the ground in amazing record time this week!"

-UG Blog

That's like saying my aids is the best it has been. Still got aids. Phone Post 3.0