UFC 199 Lobster Dinner Bet Of The Year

I'm bringing back the lobster dinner bets because this one is just too good to not let all of you know about it. I had a break from betting but tonight I feel like eating premium lobster so I'm going to throw this bet out there that will have a big reward and enough money to visit the V.I.P club.

Hendo/Lombard finish in under 1 minute. +1600 

I've also got two other bets which are not as golden as the above bet but still great.

Jessica Penne - Sub is +400

Max Holloway Dec is +200

Get on these bets and win some lobster with me. 

Penne isn't winning Phone Post 3.0

Oh I bet on her. Thought it was the other one. Too many Jessica's Phone Post 3.0

You betting for prison food? Phone Post 3.0

superlurker2011 - Under one minute? Most of the time neither of them engage until about a minute into the fight. Phone Post 3.0

Hendo KO'd Boetsch in 36 seconds. 

1/3 not bad I guess. Still profits. 

superlurker2011 - I won a little bit of money.....but on none of your terrible prop bets. Phone Post 3.0

1/3 isn't bad