UFC 2012: year of the rematch!

Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen II
Benson Henderson vs Frankie Edgar II
Forres Griffin vs Chael Sonnen II
JDS vs Velasquez II
Spencer Fisher vs Stout III
Ian McCall vs Demetrious Johnson
Phil Davis vs Wagner Prado II(in the works
Even though it got scratched - Faber vs Cruz II

UFC even set up a card to determine the number one conteder/rematch with jones (if he wins against hendo)
Shogun vs Vera
Machida vs Bader.... so Machida won so what another rematch set up?

they even got hamill fighting again, possible rematch set up?

did i miss any other fights?

I think if Hendo beats Jones, Shogun should get the title shot over Machida

That way we can have Hendo/Shogun 2 & then Jones/Machida 2 for #1 condender

Sadly yes..
I mean in. Phone Post

Oh and no more fucken rematch es :/ Phone Post

Tito / Forrest 3 Phone Post

skinnywussy - Tito / Forrest 3 Phone Post

Can't believe I forgot that one. Phone Post