UFC 205 Dream Card and Predictions

With 202 in the books and Dana starting he's starting to build the New York card, he's my dream scenario.

Alvarez v McGregor *LW Title
Woodley v Wonderboy *WW Title
Jones v Gus (pending Gus v Jan)
Cowboy v Nick Diaz
Weidman v Yoel Romero

I think the Jones and Gus fight being the most unrealistic given his suspension and Gus fighting soon, but you could sub in Aldo v Holloway instead.

Post away your predictions or dream cards. Hoping UFC 205 will make up for the 200 debacle. Phone Post 3.0

I like this. Maybe add hunt vs jds 2? Phone Post 3.0

For fun:

Mac vs gsp
Nick vs woodley
Álvarez vs Nate
Cormier vs Gus
Cruz vs mighty mouse

Gina Carano as ring card girl

BJM refs all fights Phone Post 3.0

Nick v GSP 2 (welcome back housewarming)

Nate v Alvarez (bros don't fight on the same card, but this is a dream card right)

Cowboy v McG

Fedor v Werdum 2 (make it happen)

BJ Penn v Joe Lauzon

Weidman v Souza
Luke v Romero
(Winners fight for #1 contender against Bisping regardless of how 204 unfolds)

BJM refs all fights and Gina is a ring card girl too

McGregor vs Alvarez
Edgar vs Holloway
Weidman vs Jacare
Cerrone vs Ferguson Phone Post 3.0

GSP vs Anderson
Aldo vs Conor
Jones vs Gus
Frankie vs Domin8r
Lawler vs Cowboy Phone Post 3.0

I honestly can see Chael returning on this card, don't be surprised if it's Chael Anderson 3.

Pettis Conor at 145 would be pretty amazing

Weidman v Jacare

Nick v Lawler

Holloway Aldo


We can dream?

Politically Incorrect -

What I think the card will actually look like

Alvarez vs McGregor, duh

DC vs Rumble, in an effort to get DC a big payday for all the shit Jones put him through

RDA vs Diaz 2, in an attempt to transfer Diaz's fame to RDA 

Aldo vs Holloway, to set up McG vs Aldo 2, first interim title defense in history? 

Lawler vs Maia, title shot eliminator 

Weidman vs Rockhokd 2, Souza gets the shaft 

Undercard will be lined with people from the area/stars that wantes on the card: Edgar vs Da Bronx, Jim Miller vs Kobyashi Fireball, Lauzon vs Ross Pearson.. Etc 

I think guys that deserve it, but they couldn't fit on 205 will be on cards speckled the night before and the Wednesday after: Cerrone, Cruz, DJ, Souza, Faber

Not sure aho all has fights coming up, I'm sure Jones will beg the USADA/NSAC overlords to allow him to be on the NY card. 


it won't be the first interim title defense, barao defended the bantemweight title on numerous occassions.