UFC 23 on TSN!!!!

It's starting in a few minutes. I'm pumped because this is one of the few UFC's that I don't have on tape.

Peter P

what fights are they showing

Jackson vs Yamamiya is on now. 1st round over.

They are also showing the finals of the UFC J tourney and TK vs Rizzo and Randleman vs Williams.

Peter P

For the 10,000 time, it's not on American tv!!!

Jackson/Yamamiya is a pretty good fight. just started the third round.

Yamamoto x Fujii is an awesome fight.

shit, I guess they're not showing the finals of the UFC J tourney. First round is over of Rizzo vs TK.

That sucks, they skipped round 2 of the Rizzo/TK fight.

emixnem: Everyone in Canada knows what channel TSN is.

I'm so happy that TSN is starting to carry things like UFC and TKO. This is just one step closer to getting those assholes in Ottawa to get rid of that stupid ass section 83 of the code that prohibits mma.

ttt 4 TSN!

But they're owned by ESPN. I doubt ESPN is feeling any shame.