UFC 26 on TSN now!

Marcelo Aguiar vs Matt Hughes is on now

That was Aguiar's last MMA fight. What ever happened to him? I thought he had lots of potential. He was 2-3-1 in MMA with his 3 losses coming to Trigg, Sakurai and Hughes. His draw was against Sakurai.

Peter P

Randleman vs Rizzo is on now. Rd 1 is over. It goes down hill from here. I hope not many first time fans are tuning in now.

lucky peter

Hi loretta! How are you doing?!

did anyone else notice wes sims in randlemans corner? holding his water bottle?

Canada is cool.

good Peter

busy busy lots of shows coming up-- Idaho Vegas, and then Oregon

The Randleman Rizzo fight is long and drawn out. I wonder if fans are bettre for the UFC now then they were back then?

PK, I did not notice Simms in Randleman's corner. I'll have to check again.

Loretta, good to hear your keeping busy. I'm trying to talk my wife into going to another UFC soon, but we probably won't go again anytime soon. Hopefully next year.

well, keep watching and your next live one will be there before you know it

WHY THE HELL ARE THEY SHOWING RANDELMAN VS RIZZO?? That fight was absolutely horrible, a few months back they showed Randelman vs Pete Willams which wasnt a good fight either, The UFC on TSN is a mixed bag, they have some nights with nothing but amazing fights, Dont get me wrong, im very grateful for having Ufc on cable tv but I think its in zuffas best interest to now show people fights like Rizzo vs Randelman if there goal is to attract new fans to buy ppvs.

mjbreese, I agree they shouldnn't show such boring fights. What they're doing though is showing the whole event now. They started this with UFC 22: Frank Shamrock vs Tito Ortiz.

didnt they also show the entire UFC 21? I got to see Takase/Horn thanks to TSN

Biggy, that's right. They actually showed 21 after 22.

Simms trains with Randleman, and Coleman. That is why he is in their corner.

Hey, I heard Sims trains with Coleman and Randleman. Is this true?


I shouldn't complain. TSN has started to show events like UFC, and TKO/UCC. Hopefully they will continue picking up these events and showing them. It makes it that much easier for the public to understand the whole deal.

However i think UFC is paying for advertisments for upcoming ppv's on them which is good too.

Dougie, you're right the UFC does have comericials for upcoming PPV's. They also had a comercial on last night with Sylvia, Belfort and Penn promoting the dvd's. They also show the ufc.tv comercial.

Peter P

I think it's great because it forced MMA to be more well known in the mainstream.

I hope you Canadians are taping these "lost" UFCs while you can. They may never come out on DVD.