UFC 264 results & discussion

That was great! The first fight starts this card off right.

Holy shit at that choke

Bonus time.

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He will have nicest clock radio in all of Village


That was beautiful, man.

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Akhmedov and Tavares next. I’ve always like Akhmedov. If he hadn’t gassed a few fights ago trying to wrestle, he might have finished Weidman instead of losing a decision.

I’d have zero qualms with Sanko and Olivi rigorously tounge bathing one another

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Clown You Suck GIF by Adult Swim

SASin the broadcasting booth would be hilarious… too bad Skip Bayless isnt with ESPN anymore

Isn`t he with Sharpe?


Seats are almost empty right now around the cage.

Main card doesnt start for 2 and a half hours. and then that is 3 hours. big spenders will be at the lounge bar, if arrived at all.

The booth is riding Tavares dick

I’m tired of seeing Akhmedov’s name constantly in UFC 3, therefore I hope he loses

I had Brad winning, not a split decision

I don’t root for Americans the don’t carry old glory


God this stupid, overly dramatic ESPN hype shit is annoying, especially when it’s done by goofball non-MMA announcers

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Mel Gibson in the house.

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