UFC 266 results & discussion

We’re not talking about main events. Diaz vs Edwards was a 5 round non-title non-main event which has never happened before. It was not even co-main and was 5 rounds. Diaz vs Lawler is also only the third fight on the PPV and is 5 rounds.

Who’s the new voice over guy?

If this card did not have R0bbie and Nick Diaz I would not order it.

Even though they are 3 fights away from the main event it is these guys who carry the show.

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Santos has looked really good in her last couple fights. Probably not going to be an easy run for Roxy

Rox is getting pushed around a little.

A lot
I think it’s time to hang it up and let the new kids take over

Nah just shut the whole WMMA thing down it had a crappy run.



Daukaus has hands … should be good

Great, 2 big slow guys slugging out. This is 95% of ufc hvwt fights at this point. It basically comes down to who lands first

10-8 Daucus

Stoned and alone
Aka Hank 3

Wife is pregnant, toddler is asleep.

It’s too many beers, fights, and some weed!

Inebriation with no consequences and a sport I love!

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He could make 205 too…not necessarily better though.

Nice ko. Fast HW

Lol. Fielder must be drunk

does someone have to die for the ref to stop a fight? fuck


Fuck was the ref doing?

Dude was dead on the canvas, just let him get pounded some more?


It’s a fight. Not soccer… bro

Let them bang

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The commentary booth is super out of sync right now.

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LOL that was a world-class spit


Put that shirt on.

Crypto.com is paying big bucks.

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Wtf. Dude wasn’t Ko’d twice

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