UFC 29 - Iha v. Takase

Just watched this interesting event again. IMO this match would be a NC under current rules.

Iha finished with strikes while he was holding the fence with his other hand.

Takase attempted sweep using his left hand (blocker). Iha's second shot would not have happened as it did had Iha not been holding the fence - ie even if the sweep would have failed it would have off balanced Iha somewhat. This second shot effectively seals the deal and is followed a barrage of strikes.

J McCarthy somehow didn't see it happening right in front of him akin to Herb Dean's Pe de pano v. arlovski (66) ending.

This event was in Japan so it is not clear to me what the rules were. Earlier in the event Matt Hughes stepped on (a downed) Dennis Hallman's face in an attempt to escape an armbar and no one (cc guys) seemed to care.

Edit: Event was in NJ so unified rules would have been in effect.

weird - the event was in Japan. during intermission goldie and blatnik show the unaired prelim from UFC 28 - Lylte v. Earwood which was in NJ. I was watching that when i posted earlier.