UFC 3 poster

Did you guys see Roland has one on ebay for $799 and in mint condidtion?

I was surprised to see him with that.

 cross  fingers with shipping and hope it arrives safely.

 I predict that item only lasts a few more hours.


its not mint

 he lists everything as mint lol. Apparently if it has no rips, its mint.

 Yeah you definitely take a risk buying from him/her/it

I know its stressful anytime I buy posters from Roland.He needs to get some better poster tubes.

Congratulations WWE on the post count lol.

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i send roland my own heavy duty tubes to use when i buy from him. and i make my own return labels for him. my tubes will not bend or get damaged! its worth it to me if im paying 5-6-700 for a poster.

 smart man ^... mean, but smart.

mean???????? c'mon new guy, "you people" cant take a joke?! LOL!

^great idea yuma!

My gf and I are waiting on an order from Roland...in progress...

The stress is killing us because the last thing we bought from him looked like it was ran over by a dump truck

My little nephew can pack a poster better than Roland

 I'm a new collector but it has definitely become apparent to me who packages their product well and who doesnt.  Sometimes I just can't resist and I want to buy from Roland. 

Thanks yumaslim for the idea of sending my own tube to him.  Definitely worth it since if you look at my posters u would be able to point at a couple n know i got them from Roland.

 "(and am I the only guy who leaves feedback on Ebay?? some of you guys will go to extreme lengths to keep what you buy a secret.  Must be a wierd mental disorder)"

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