UFC 3 Shared Content CAFs...

Anybody downloading these? I looked earlier today and they have fedor's, sak, arona, kimbo, Kerr, Randy, John Cena, and others that I'm forgetting. Phone Post

Yeah. There is a good Ken Shamrock and Tim Sylvia too. Phone Post

Undisputed server sucks balls. Can't download any cafs tonight. Phone Post

Yeah I tried to download fedor earlier 3 times. Phone Post

 I hafta give it up, cool feature and cool of these people to spend the time creating some good ones!!  Got Sak, Pac, Fedor and AA.

 If anyone knows of some great ones, post them here with the creators name so we can find them.  Deal?

Go to www.mma-caf.com

Some of these guys make amazing CAF's Phone Post

EA MMAs cafs were better but some of these are ok I guess. Phone Post

yeah i was always amazed at the time some people put into making these CAFs...

how are these guys stats though?are they accurate?