UFC 300: Jim Miller vs Brock Lesnar

Jim Miller deserves it. He deserves a big fight. 43 fights in the UFC. 20 submissions in his career. He’s the man that never quit, at 40 years old he’s finally getting attention.

Brock and Jim both had fights at UFC 100 and 200. Brock Lensar was the big show but Jim kept on fighting. In a battle between Brock Lesnar and Jim Miller who would you pick?

JIM FUCKING MILLER!!! by absolute death. (Great video, much better than my thread he should headline lol)

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@PaulieG we got shutdown, man lol


This is that weirdo semi Hetarded guy right
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Or am I thinking of a different guy,
I don’t think I am tho, thread title says it all.


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If miller beats him he still doesn’t deserve to be in the hall of fame.