UFC 305: Israel Adesanya vs. Dricus Du Plessis INTENSE Face-Off

no love lost there, wow!!

Respect to the real African who didn’t run away to a western country to collect a welfare check.


DDP shocks the world.

Izzy too frail and skinny and way past his prime.
He will get manhandled and crushed.

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Looks like DDP has had a lot of practice. Around blacks, don’t relax, lol.

The part where he was literally looking backwards to keep his eye on Adesanya made me laugh out loud.


I heard they were supposed to fight in June, but just like a lot of muslim fighters are busy fasting and don’t fight during Ramadan, Adesanya was focused on Pride month and refused to take the fight.


Dricus by whatever he wants

Izzy by 4th round tko.

U wat?

You may have misunderstood my post - nothing to do with Ramadan or when it falls, just talking shit and implying that Adesanya is gay.
I grew up around and know enough Muslims to know that Ramadan is based on a calendar other than ours and therefore does not fall during the same time each year.

Both men lost to Strickland


Ram1 = Ramadan1?!?!?!?

Would it really be a shock at this point? He’s 4-3 since his fight with Jan and Strickland beat the breaks off him his last time out

valid guess, but no.

Both men being borderline homo if not full on…does make this staredown intense YAAAAS !!