UFC 37.5 WTH? RE: Yves vs. Joao

I just watched that event again and something in the Yves Edwards vs. Joao Marcos Pierini fight caught my attention for the first time.

When Yves landed that SICK high kick and then backed off to get him to stand up, Joao got up and kind of stood behind the ref and said "My shoulders out". The ref then called time out and took him over to see the doctor.

The doctor said "Your shoulders not out, where does it hurt?". Joao replied, "my shoulders out".

Obviously Joao was still reeling from the effects of that kick but was something really wrong with his shoulder or was that just a way out for a defeated man?

You saw this fight how? I would love a 37.5 DVD. Suck that I
can't find them.


Maybe Joao could get on and explain what happened but he lost feeling on the left side of his body!

I dont know, but here is an idea: Keep in mind, Joao has bad english (in all likelyhood). He may have been numb, unalbe to feel his shoulder. Kicks to the neck will do that to you...

His arm def looked out to me.He got nailed with the kick and his arm was jacked up.

any pics?

only one pic I could find on sherdog of them actually fighting.......


found this



joao had neck problems going into that fight. eating that kick made it worse.

He needed to keep those damn hands up!