ufc 43 meltdown

Just watched this dvd and saw a couple things:

Uno vs Franca
Seeing Uno's head just slam into the mat had me cringing, that had to hurt.

Tim Sylvia calling out Fedor saying he could take him. Wow. Was he high?!

Yeah, Sylvia was quite full of himself for a while there. That head toss, or when Crunkilton tossed Hermes like that was good too.

Sorry to be a UFC nazi but that was at UFC 44 Undisputed and the event UFC 43 Meltdown was Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell's first match.The second will look the same as this one so if your a new fan get this event and then buy the PPV and you will see the man at work.

actually yeah sorry, i did get that mixed up... i bought both of them and forgot i watched them in the opposite order. i already knew who won all the fights, but figured why not start a collection of them. with that said, ortiz is the ONLY light heavy to not get bloodied and torn completely up by randy so he is the ONLY one who has a chance. won't happen but still.

I'd love to see Fedor vs. Sylvia

Fedor by massacre