UFC 43 or 44 DVD?

I see these are being released today. Which has better matches? If you had to get only 1 which would it be, and why? I

ttt's own thread for a response

I like 43 for the Edwards match, Kimo/Tank, Chuck/Randy and Vitor/Eastman

Thanks anyone else have a preference

But you should purchase both since they are only $14.99

support the sport and get them both. about time they got real with the price.



43 was the better event as far as entertaining fights go in my opinion.

anyone know if these are available at best buy yet?



They showed all the fights for 43 on ppv.

I still haven't seen uno/franca and thomson/strengbent, so i'll be getting 44 only.

They can keep 45 too. I'll pass on it.

I'll definately get 46 though. Just for the Hermes/Thompson fight even though I saw it live.


I picked mine up at Best Buy here in South Florida.

cool, thanks for the info mattc.