UFC 46 was a badass card

Vitor Belfort vs Randy Couture II
(Light Heavyweight Championship)
- Vitor wins via Tko in 49 seconds

BJ Penn vs Matt Hughes
(Welterweight Championship)
- BJ wins via RNC in first round
- Penn's WW debut and second UFC title

Frank Mir vs Wes Sims
- Mir wins via KO in second round
- Rematch after first fight ending in DQ

Lee Murray vs Jorge Rivera
- Lee wins via triangle choke 1:45 into the first round
- Murray's only UFC fight

Also on the card:

GSP's UFC debut vs Karo Parisyan

Josh Thompson vs Hermes Franca

Matt Serra vs Jeff Curran

Carlos Newton vs Renato Verissimo

What a card, 8 former or future UFC champs and 2 title fights in only 8 fights including prelims. Its crazy to think that this event was 12 and half years ago.

No doubt. Good throwback observation. VU. Phone Post 3.0

Never knew that Lee fought in the ufc. Vu Phone Post 3.0

Fuckin awesome card for sure VU

Hard to believe a few of those fighters are still active over 12 years later .. Pretty impressive. Phone Post 3.0

The main event was HORRIBLE!!

Basically a wash. The red headed doc came in and stopped it cause Vitor's glove cut Randy's eyelid.

Try watching the show. The crowd was pissed. That's why there was an immediate rematch. Phone Post 3.0

Main event kind of sours the whole thing tbqh

For great old-school UFC shows, 31 is about as good as you're going to get I think

I was there. Phone Post 3.0

I was there. Second ufc i went to. Great card but main event kind of ruined it. Phone Post 3.0

decent card...any main event ending in under a minute isnt all that exciting unless your following someones goldberg esque run, like anderson silva's debut vs leben...coupled with the fact that it ended via snafu...good comain and solid undercard but not the best.

Back when every fight on a card was a fight you wanted to see and you could (would) get just as amped for the first televised fight as the main event.

Pretty clear OP didn't even watch event. Phone Post 3.0

eXtv -

Main event kind of sours the whole thing tbqh

Especially since Randy man handled him in the next bout. Phone Post 3.0

UFC 49 is ten times better.

Terrible letdown of a main event.

Kostakio - UFC 49 is ten times better.
Nick Diaz vs Karo GOAT fight Phone Post 3.0

My first live UFC.  I'll never forget the crowd's reaction during the multiple replays of the Mir KO.  Boom...BOOM!!

(Sorry Wes)


It was a good card a long ass time ago. good job on the observation bud. Phone Post 3.0

zackthewop - I was there. Second ufc i went to. Great card but main event kind of ruined it. Phone Post 3.0
That's crazy, I was there as well. It was the first UFC event I saw live. I will never forget sitting in front of a bunch of Hawaiians, and them going absolutely ape shit when BJ pulled off the impossible. Phone Post 3.0

Lee came out with the Hannibal mask! That was a great show, only disappointment was how Vitor won. Phone Post 3.0