UFC 47 Card!!!

Confirmed Fights:

Tim Sylvia vs Andrei Arlovski

Tito Ortiz vs Chuck Liddell

Fights I think make sense:

Robbie Lawler vs Nick Diaz

Duane Ludwig vs Genki Sudo

Ken Shamrock vs Ian Freeman

Rich Franklin vs Forrest Griffin

Ricardo Almeida vs Joe Doerksen

Cabbage vs Fujita

I think this card looks realistic and I think it would be a great card.

Peter P

Tito vs. Cuck and Tim vs. Andrei are set

Lawler vs. Diaz will probably happen

The rest of those will not

did tito sign? i just can't believe that he'd be afraid of chuck.
doesn't make sense to me.

i don't think shamrock/freeman is a big draw. ian needs
some wins first.

rich franklin vs. babalu or horn would make more sense than
forrest griffin.

and i'd love to see almeida vs. anyone.

cabbage vs. fujita would be cool though!

fabes, i think Shamrock vs anyone is a good draw. His next fight should set up a big fight. They can play up Freeman's win over Frank Mir. Ken will likely fight on this card. Who do you think they should match him up with. I think it should be someone beatable and respectable and I think Freeman is just that. They need to set up another big Shamrock fight. This fight was supposed to happen and Freeman drew with Vernon. I don't think that draw would have hurt Freeman's stock.

Peter P

Genki vs. Ludwig

Genki vs. Edwards

Genki vs. Serra

Genki vs. Franca

Genki vs. Thomas

Genki vs. Wolverine

Genki vs. A pack of wild gorillas

Genki vs. Gandi

Genki vs. The geico gecko

Genki vs. Genki...

Any one of those match ups would make this card the best eva:)

Genki vs the winner of the ZST tourny would be cool too.

Peter P

Great card peter4032! Ken vs Ian and Cabbage vs Fujita would be interesting..

they should save Ken for UFC 48...Tito vs. Chuck and Tim vs. Andrei is already enough to sell this PPV in my opinion. They don't need any more main-event caliber fights.

But if they add Ken to the card, I definately wouldn't mind seeing it :)

Solitary Zen, I'm thinking Ken will be fighting here because he was talking about maybe being ready to fight in January which he won't. So I'm thinking it's probably a good bet that Ken will be fighting at 47.

Peter P

How aobut Sean Sherk vs Frank Trigg?!

freeman v shamrock will never ever happen and i dont think it was gona happen 1 st time around,but if by miracle it did ken would get smashed to a pulp

Almeida vs Sakuraba at 185lbs in the UFC would be sick!

MDSUB, that would be sick!

therazor, good matchup

Peter P

Matt Lindland went on Dana White's UFC 47 thread and said that he wants Sakuraba whether it's for the belt or not. I would love to see that fight. I'm wondering though if Pride actually will keep to their word and have Sak fight in the UFC. UFC 47 will be close to Pride's US debut in which you would expect to see Sak fight in.

Peter P

Ken will fight at 47, either 48 or 49, then 50, barrin injury of course, and at UFC 50 it willbe for a title(prob HW)

i'd like to see sherk vs newton !!

"Ken Shamrock vs Ian Freeman "

Ken vs Tank would be a far bigger draw. Ken has only a handful of fights left, he should make them big ones.

Although Ian vs Tank would be an awesome slug fest.....hmmmmmm.


How could I forget about Yves. Yves will be due to fight by then. I say make the Yves Edwards vs Din Thomas fight happen with the winner fighting the winner of Hermes Franca vs Josh Thompson for the 155 title.

Peter P