UFC 47 PPV Interesting

I notice that after Chuck won his fight. While the camera was rolling through the audience one or two females tried to falsh their breasts at the camera. Did they get in trouble for it?


LOL. I will have to go back and check this on my live recorded version, in the interest of journalism:)

Mandalay Bay arena is a public area, and I think that they are not allowed to falsh there breasts in the stands.

That was great! It's a PPV, so there shouldn't be any problems with it. I think they could even have naked chicks fighting in the pctagon and it would be OK. And they could probably charge as much as boxing! IT has the TV-MA rating (or in this case, TV-MMA). How about a wet t-shirt contest instead of a celebrity list or the 18th advertisement of Kim/ Shamrock? TTT for naked chicks in the UFC!!!!

Some parents let there kids like in Junior High or High School watch it. So I think that they should be careful of that.

It's better than showing all the dorks flipping off the camera after Tito lost. Stick to the women.