UFC 47 rumors?

Anyone have any UFC 47 rumors? I know Tito vs. Liddell and Sylvia vs. Arlovski are signed, but what else?

I read that Lindland thinks he will be in, and others have Ludwig and/or Lawler as well.

I'd like to see Babalu vs. Franklin, Ricco vs. Vladdy, Telligman vs. Cabbage, and Eastman vs. Jermaine Andre (at 185). But that's just my ideas, not rumors.

Eastman make 185?

I don't know if Eastman could make 185. I just made that up.

I just want to know the location

its in Las Vegas. As to the fights, I heard things. I heard some things

wonder if Trigg is fighting? Did he sign a multi fight contract? like to see him against Lawler/Spratt someone

I wanna see Trigg/Sherk or Newton, Bang/Yves, Babalu/Franklin(this really needs to happen) & how about winner of Mir/Sims vs Cabbage

in vegas for sure???


That's funny, Matthew. I heard some yet undisclosed things as well.

Yeah Chuck said Apr for him and Tito

I thought I read it was the 1st week in April.

*makes Bobby D face* Sims insulted Mir a lil bit.... a lil bit.

I think a rematch of Tank/Cabbage is a possibility although Cabbage seemed to really want Kimo. I think they could do that fight on a Rumble on the Rock though.

Also didn't Ken Shamrock say he would be ready around then? Maybe Ken versus Ian Freeman or something.

Pure speculation on my part here though.


Email me, please.


ps-the power of prayer is amazing!



this would be my card Tito-Chuck,185 title fight Lindland-Murray or Rivera,Serra-Sudo or Brennan if Serra wins his next fight and being how I train there gotta pick him but I also have seen Matt up close and all and hes the strongest and most flexible guy Ive seen at 155,Id like to see Tanner-Baroni but being how Baronis supsended how about Dean Lister if he can make 185,Franca-Thompson winner against Ludwig for title,Cabbage-Kimo,Kaoro-N Diaz ,Shamrock-Tank for the heck of it oo and Suliev-Pele

I'm not sure, but I'd love to see Cabbage/Rizzo!!