UFC 47: Upset of the night?

Which fight do you guys think will be upset of the night at UFC 47?

Lots of people are going to be upset when Tito beats the everluvin' shit out of Chuck.

Hermes Franca over Yves Edwards.

I just hope Edwards/Franca makes the PPV. These guys have both been in the prelims for too long.

No big upsets. Arlovski over Sylvia if that's even an upset?

arlovski over silvia and diaz over lawler.

You guys shouldn't compare the fight that Chuck had with Couture, to his upcoming fight with Tito. Tito is nowhere near the wrestler that Randy is. I honestly don't think that Tito can keep Chuck on the ground for more than a few seconds. Chuck got back to his feet several times with Randy. Chuck will KTFO of Tito.

Mike Brown over Genki


me over my can of diet mountain dew!

Upset: nobody bitches about the outcomes and swears off the UFC.

Seriously, at this stage of his career anytime Tito loses it would be an upset.